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Young people wanted for the DMSB relay: the country needs new helpers

Looking for young people for the DMSB season
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Now, however, the DMSB relay is slowly approaching the limits of its performance capacity. Due to the current, economically tense situation in our country, many of the volunteer workers are no longer able to always find the time for their voluntary services. Especially at three-day events, their tasks for the DMSB relay team often collide with their professional obligations. This applies in particular to the catchment area of ​​the Hockenheimring (up to a radius of approx. 200 kilometers), as many events in Oschersleben as well as at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz and the Sachsenring are also managed from there.

For this reason, the DSK - for whom safety in motorsport has top priority - is now looking for additional volunteer employees for the DMSB relay who should help the overburdened 'veterans'. One of the driving forces behind this DSK initiative is Jörg Teuchert, who is also head of the DMSB relay team. 'As a DSK member I am part of the' Motorsport 'interest group and know what makes us motorsport enthusiasts tick, I could imagine that there are some members in our ranks who would like to do something for racing. Women and men who want to work with just as much passion for our sport as for the DSK ', explains Teuchert. 'We are looking for enthusiastic, honest and serious motorsport enthusiasts who want to serve the safety of drivers of all racing classes.'

Are you interested in motorsport? Then apply!

In any case, the more experience an applicant has, the better. Be it as a formerly active driver, as an official in the motorsport sector, as a fire fighter or paramedic /paramedic. Nevertheless, even inexperienced applicants have the chance to be trained to become full-fledged relay members.

In addition to exemplary camaraderie, they are offered interesting motorsport from early in the morning until late in the evening, free overnight stays in the hotel, the normal expense rate of a sales representative and a travel allowance.

Are you interested? Then you will find more information on theWebsite of the DMSB under the item security relay. If you would like to work this year, please apply informally to Daniel Neubauer from the DSK office as soon as possible - also by email to neubauer@dskev.de. A few details about the person with a short athletic résumé are sufficient, the response will follow shortly.


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