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What can the TCR series do ?: Cheap competition for DTM and WTCC

What can the TCR series do?
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D he new TCR touring car racing series from Ex -WM manager Marcello Lotti seems to be very popular with the manufacturers. Several manufacturers - including German ones - are currently thinking intensively about basing the next generation of their one-make cup racing cars on the technical regulations of the new touring car championship.

TCR cars inexpensive and attractive

Lotti was able to demonstrate a very coherent concept on his tour of conviction through the manufacturers' sports departments: Firstly, his new, extremely inexpensive regulations are based on existing one-make cup racing cars, the basic concept comes specifically from the Seat Leon Supercopa series.

While most brand cup-like vehicles are built over a maximum life cycle of 5 years at best 40 units, sales could be increased thanks to the three-fold staggering planned by Lotti (international, regional, national) increased - in addition to the actual brand cup business, of course. The magic word is customer sport, and globally.

Because the cost structure of the TCR series (vehicle price 90,000 euros) is much better than, for example, in the World Touring Car Championship (vehicle costs 450,000 euros, plus spare parts and engine), the Cars are hardly slower, many manufacturers are considering aligning their brand cup concepts to the technology regulations of Lotti's TCR series.

TCR- 2015 debut season with 5 brands

At the season opener at the end of March, Audi, Honda, Ford, Opel and Seat could already be seen on the track. Team Engstler wants to switch from the Audi TT to a VW Golf by next year at the latest. Lotti's approach is being followed with great interest in the VW Group in particular, as the platform strategy could be transferred to racing: Seat and Audi already have experience, VW is on the march. Even Skoda could join them.

The GM group is also of great interest to Lotti. TheOpel-Astra-OPC-Cup is to switch to the four-door in 2016, the corresponding one-make cup car could then theoretically be built according to TCR rules.

The new Renault M├ęgane Cup racer from 2016 could also fit into the concept. And that Alfa Romeo will build a car for the Lotti series is a little-kept secret. If Lotti now comes over with a clever TV package, the yellow traffic lights could quickly turn into green ones.

In our gallery we show you the 5 racing cars in detail that are already represented in the TCR. And we'll show you how much action there was in the first races of the season.


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