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VLN race, 3rd round: Frikadelli Racing secures Porsche 200th victory

Stefan Baldauf /Robert Kah
VLN race, 3rd run
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B was in the third VLN race the challenge in the fight for overall victory with only four GT3 cars is not as big as usual. Instead, the weather in the Eifel put the entire field of participants to the test again. Choppy conditions and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius in the middle of June didn't make the 4-hour race any easier.

Frikadelli takes pole position

Frikadelli Racing (Sabine Schmitz /Klaus Abbelen /Patrick Huisman) was not deterred by this and took the 200th overall victory for Porsche and the fifth overall victory for the team. The foundation stone for success was laid in qualifying in the morning with a time of 9: 16.017 minutes, which meant pole position.

At the start, Sabine Schmitz prevailed against Oliver Kainz in the Wochenspiegel-Porsche , but after three laps the Wochenspiegel racer was already three seconds ahead. However, a spin while lapping ended the race prematurely for the leaders. So the Frikadelli squad inherited their place at the top.

Fire in the pits

After that, Marc Hennerici and Christian Menzel from Teichmann Racing set the pace, and so did the Frikadelli sister car von Kräling /Gindorf /Brück collected guide kilometers. Ultimately, however, Frikadelli with Schmitz /Abbelen /Huisman retained the upper hand into the final phase and secured victory with a 46.473 seconds lead.

45 minutes before the end of the race, however, one had to digest another shock: the Porsche 911 GT3 R caught fire. 'When topping up, engine oil ignited,' Abbelen said. 'That was annoying, because in my final turn the vehicle suffered from insufficient engine performance. If it turns out that the engine is over, it was an expensive victory.'

Quadruple victory for Porsche

Manuel Metzger and 'Gerwin' from the Black Falcon team, who had competed in the SP7 class, landed in second place. got a time penalty for exceeding the speed in the final phase of the timed practice and fell back to fourth place.

For the local heroes Hennerici and Menzel it was also a class win in the Porsche Cup classification Class is extremely high, 'said Hennerici, driving the 991 Cup 911 for the first timewas. 'On my first laps of the race I first had to get used to the new surroundings, then Christian whipped me over by radio - the perfect motivation.'

The next run will take place in two weeks. Then the fans will see the new Lexus from Farnbacher Racing in the race. The Japan racer was already on its way to test drives on the Nordschleife on Friday (19.6.15), where our photographers took a picture of it. Rumor has it that the new AMG GT will also make its debut at the fourth VLN round. This time, a new Golf 7 from HTF Motorsport, which was developed in-house in two years, brought color to the starting field.

In our picture gallery we show you the best photos from the VLN weekend.


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