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VLN preview, run 10: Thrilling title fight at the final

Stefan Baldauf
VLN preview, 10th run
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S o it's slowly getting winter in the Eifel. So it is high time for the final of the VLN endurance championship. The tenth round promises not only excitement in the fight for overall victory, but also for the championship. Since the last race, Stefan van Campenhoudt has been the new championship leader in Schirmer Motorsport's BMW 325i from the V4 class. But the Groneck brothers, who won the title with their Renault Clio in 2013, are hot on his heels.

Groneck vs. van Campenhoudt

Van Campenhoudt has the best chances for the championship with 65.75 points ahead of the Gronecks with 65.68 points - because his class is generally better than that of his competitors. The Toyota GT86 duo Arne Hoffmeister and Fabian Wrabetz only have outsider chances. But even for the Groneck brothers, the title fight is still a tough job. Assuming eight participants in their class, they should win, with nine participants a second place. In addition, they should be placed one place better in their SP3 class than van Campenhoudt in his class.

In addition to the title showdown, the endurance series on the Nordschleife has a premiere to offer. For the first time, a car from the new TCR series will be on the grid. From next year onwards, several cars in the affordable touring car class can be expected.

Lexus RC-F GT3 and Scuderia Glickenhaus included

The Farnbacher brothers are entering the GT3 category back with her Lexus RC-F. After a race had to be paused because the car could not be repaired in time after an accident, the team from Franconia continued its development program with the Japan racer. Another exotic product: the SCG003C from Scuderia Glickenhaus. So far it has not been possible to achieve an overall victory, but this time GT professionals Christian Menzel and Jeroen Bleekemolen are each supposed to help out on the wheel of a prototype.

In addition, the regulars like Frikadelli Racing, Walkenhorst Motorsport, Phoenix Racing, count Busch Twins and Car Collection among the usual contenders for the top step of the podium.


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