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VLN 2019, result 7th round: Baumann / Schiller with fourth Mercedes victory

Guido ten Brink
VLN 2019, result 7th run
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D the seventh VLN run ended once more with a Mercedes on the top step of the podium. At the 59th ADAC Reinoldus long-distance race, Dominik Baumann and Fabian Schiller secured first place in the GetSpeed ​​Mercedes-AMG GT3 - despite a stop-and-go penalty due to a too short pit stop. They crossed the finish line after 25 laps with a 42.494 second lead over Lance-David Arnold /Tim Scheerbarth /Edoardo Mortara from HTP Motorsport. That made the double victory for the brand with the star perfect. The podium was completed by David Pittard /Jody Fannin /Nick Catsburg in the Walkenhorst BMW M6 GT3.

Choppy weather

The entire race was characterized by changeable weather conditions. Initially the start took place on a wet track, but it dried up towards the end of the four-hour race. The Schiller /Baumann duo dominated the entire race and had no real competition that would have jeopardized victory. Only Schiller, who did a double start, was at the beginning with Baumann on the sister car.

For Schiller, as for GetSpeed, it was the first VLN overall victory. Baumann was able to cheer for the first time since his comeback after the accident in the 24h qualifying race. “We did a good job despite the penalty,” said Baumann. “Even if not all of our opponents were here today, a win is a win. The weather was very difficult again today, but we already know that. ' Schiller was also happy: “It's a deserved victory. We have improved a lot since the start of the season. It's less about the big picture and more about many small details. The first victory on the Nordschleife will certainly be remembered for a long time. ”

Scheerbarth with GT3 comeback

HTP Motorsport was also happy. Tim Scheerbarth was able to look forward to a podium place on his GT3 comeback and made it clear: “This is extremely cool,” he said. “I've been driving here for 12 years and now to have the chance to finish second in the overall standings with a GT3 is simply amazing. Especially since the conditions were anything but easy, as team-mate Lance-David Arnold confirmed. “The Eifel has shown itself from its best side, when you thought the shower was over, it started again. That was especially special with slicks at the end, when you had to swerve into the wet through traffic. But it made me want to. ”

At Walkenhorst Motorsport in third place, one or the other timenot on the right tires at the right time. Nick Catsburg said: “This race was difficult, the weather changed constantly. We were wrong with the tires twice. ”

Fourth place went to the brand colleagues from Falken Motorsport in the BMW M6 GT3 of Peter Dumbreck and Stef Dusseldorp in front of the Phoenix-Audi R8 LMS of Vincent Kolb and Steve Jans who were also at the forefront throughout the race. The Falken-Porsche (Ragginger /Bergmeister) took sixth place in front of the Konrad-Lamborghini (Jefferies /Di Martino) and the Walkenhorst-BMW from Adams /Abbott /Tresson. With the SP7-Porsche (Simonsen /Rocco Di Torrepadula /Kolb), Huber Motorsport places eighth, the first car that does not come from the GT3 class. The top ten is completed by the second GetSpeed ​​car from Shoffner /Hill /Schiller.


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