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Virtual Le Mans concept cars: LMP1 projectiles from the computer

Oriol Folch Garcia
Virtual Le Mans Concept Cars
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M Mercedes, Jaguar, Mazda and Ferrari have one thing in common? They all drove at Le Mans before - but unfortunately not anymore. The classic on the Sarthe would have deserved greater interest from manufacturers. In 2014 only Audi, Porsche and Toyota dueled. This year, Nissan will be added. In the past, the spectators in the Le Mans premier class were offered significantly more different cars.

Le Mans prototypes from Mercedes, Jaguar and Co.

Just because Mercedes, Jaguar and Co. Not wanting to build modern LMP1 cars does not mean that the fans have to do without it. The Spanish graphic designer Oriol Folch Garcia has set himself the task of designing new prototypes with the typical characteristics of different manufacturers. The first drafts that the Spaniard published on his website look spectacular.

The designer doesn't just draw the cars from one perspective, but models himself in a 3D graphics program down to the last detail. The designs must therefore fit together aesthetically from every perspective. The artist not only attaches great importance to the appearance of his concept cars, but also gives a lot of thought to the technology and aerodynamics.

LMP1 cars with elements from the series

Although the racing cars are based very specifically on the LMP1 regulations, the various brands can always be recognized at a glance. Oriol Folch Garcia skilfully incorporates certain features of the street cars or earlier racing cars from the respective manufacturers into the concepts. The paintwork and the sponsor logos are also detailed and ensure the very realistic look.

We have collected some of the fascinating Le Mans prototype studies in our picture gallery.


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