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Verdict in the DTM radio scandal: Harsh penalties against Audi

Judgment in the DTM radio scandal
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Pits and radio ban for Ullrich - 200,000 euros fine for the team

I In individual cases, the ruling of the DSMB stipulates that Audi Motorsport Director Wolfgang Ullrich is forbidden from now until the end of the DTM season to the pit lane and active access to the team radio. DTM driver Timo Scheider is not allowed to start the race in Moscow and the Audi brand will be deprived of the 62 points that the team collected for the brand classification in the second race in Spielberg. Furthermore, a fine of 200,000 euros was imposed on Audi Sport and the Phoenix Racing Team.

The DSMB's justification goes on to say: 'The judges saw it as proven that Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich In his role as Head of Audi Motorsport, on the last lap of the DTM race in Spielberg, he sent a radio request to Audi driver Timo Scheider to involve another driver in a collision massively harms, the penalty had to be correspondingly harsh. '

' As the sports law contact of the DMSB, the Phoenix Racing Team had to be included in the punishment by the sports court, although the court is sure that this Team was unable to influence the radio message from the Head of Audi Motorsport. '

The provisional race result, from which Timo Scheider had already been excluded, has been confirmed with the verdict. The brand evaluation will be recreated accordingly, it continues. All other participants move up in the ranking accordingly.

The distribution of the performance weights will be based on the official result. All parties involved waived the right to appeal the judgment. 'The DMSB will use the fine of 200,000 euros specifically for youth development and safety projects,' says the German Motor Sport Association.

Ullrich apologizes

In an initial statement, an Audi spokesman said: 'We accept the verdict and are foregoing an appeal. We are glad that the whole matter was brought to an end quickly before the race weekend in Moscow . Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich apologized to everyone involved. Anyone who knows Audi and Wolfgang Ullrich knows that this is not our style. '


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