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Truck Trial CZ: Last run, Prague - lobster for dessert

Robert Eberlein
Truck Trial Czech Republic
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Usually customers of American all-wheel-drive shellfish cavort here on an artificial mountain, around 300 meters long, half as wide and between ten and 20 feet high. At the beginning this embankment was still richly wooded in the peripheral areas. At the end of the trial weekend, the operators of the lobster center were happy to receive lots of freshly cut firewood.
On the one hand, beautiful weather attracted spectators from the prefabricated prefabricated housing estates in the Prague suburbs that were not too far away. On the other hand, the police were attracted by waking up early in the morning by means of a “trumpet solo” from the sound system - less to salute than to prohibit such acoustic nuisance. This was probably preceded by complaints from the apartment blocks, which were not interested in the free service of a Saturday morning wake-up call at 6:45 a.m.! The public address system was then arrested until 2 p.m. But the engines had long been roaring as a substitute.
D at the time, the small class was only concerned with the allocation of seats behind the new masters. Old master Vaclav Kabourek and his intrepid partner Vlasta Malikova had won the title early and had not come here.

Truck trial: Trumpet solo for breakfast

In the S2, on the other hand, the defending champions - the reigning European champions Prazak /Vodicka - had to win, in order to catch the challengers Sebor /Lhota with one more race win . The strategy didn't work, third place was even only enough for the defending champions to finish third overall. Note: Unlike the European Trial, in the Czech Republic race wins count before the total number of points collected. Prazak /Vodicka would have defended the title with four wins despite lower scores. They could not run the second run because run 2 in Mohelnice collided with Montalieu.
The class S 3 (15 starters), which was once again super fat, was traditionally divided into the Praga V3S category and the other types. In the Pragas with the strikingly sloping hood, Zet /Jurezka won, who secured second place in the overall standings. Bronislav Sevcik and Oldrich Vasut became national champions. In the mixed brands, the LIAZ from Jansa /Balsan made it all clear with race victory four.
With race winner Kocourek /Leichner the class S4 sees new champions as well. The crew of the yellow Ural 4320 is also runner-up in the German Truck TrialChampionship. The defending champions Stanek /Ricicar (Tatra 815 6x6) were runner-up in 2010.
Rostislav “Rosti” Drahokoupil and his co-founder Vladimir Krol, also well known from the European Championship, also saved themselves the use of the final. They had no desire for Hummer thanks to the previous four unassailable race victories and left the later championship third Ineman /Tisar the fat points of the final run. The eleven S5 teams that entered the finals all start on Tatras 813 8x8.

Truck trial: Victory celebration in Prague

Stanislav Kopecek and Milos Hirsch started as double starters on “Edvard V” in the prototypes only in this run - and grabbed the big points. Almost all race wins remained a family affair, because with Libor Kopecek and David Sindelar the CZ championship saw four race winners. Only the new runners-up Jachacek /Kindl could take home a victory.
The award ceremony after the 'lobster meal' was held early on Sunday evening, making it easy to travel home. The big winners ceremony will then take place in November in Prague. Lobster is definitely not on the menu.


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