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K a risk, says rally boss Jörg Schumann looking back firmly: “During the entire event there were no security-related incidents or incidents on the Tunisian side. The withdrawal of the approval for the exams in the southern restricted area because of possible dispersed Libyan fighters was annoying, but reinforced the impression that the Tunisian military knows the situation very well and controls accordingly. All in all, we were welcomed by warm people with open arms in a friendly and peaceful host country.

We thanked them with the precise compliance with the approved routes and all associated requirements as well as with responsible behavior on public roads. ”
All participants got their money's worth on the 10 special stages to be completed. In addition to fast and ultra-fast pistes, there were also some heavily blown and impassable passages, some of which were challenging to navigate. And of course, as was to be expected for an “ElChott”, there were plenty of dune fields to cross and dune ridges to be overcome. Altogether, 'dune surfing' was the order of the day on about 25 percent of the entire route.

The Dakar Rally-experienced Tatra team from the Czech Republic expressed its view of the ElChott tests after a day on the sand as follows Expression: “If there had been such a test on the last Dakar, 50 percent of the trucks would not have made it to the finish.”
Not all participants got along equally well with the routes. But exit options before particularly long or difficult passages made it possible for everyone, with two exceptions, to reach the camp or hotel every day at nightfall.

Unfortunately, the truck starting field was thin with only four starters. The eye-catcher was the replica of the Dakar winning vehicle from 1985 by the Kassel Capito family, a Unimog U 1300 in the original trim. Other starters besides the Mog in the small one were three trucks in the large class over 7.5 tons:
It won start number 501 - Martin Kolomy /René Kilian /Sabri Boughattas (CZ) - Tatra 815 4x4 Dakar; behind with starting number 503 - Paul Kretz /Karl Winter /Peter Pessl (A) - MAN TGA 4x4 and with starting number 502 - Peter Mühmel /Astrid Lottermoser /Florian Mühmel (D) - MAN M2000 4x4.


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