Toyota WRC Comeback 2017

Toyota WRC Comeback 2017
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E s was no coincidence that everything with a rally driver began. When the top management of Toyota wanted to increase the brand's awareness and reputation in 1972, they met with the Swede Ove Andersson, who had impressed the Japanese with his victory at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1971 and who also had entrepreneurial ambitions. Andersson initially drove the small car model Corolla himself and quickly achieved his first goal: eye level with Japanese competitor Datsun.

The silent Swede, however, soon hung up his helmet, became the team boss and let younger drivers take over. The Finn Hannu Mikkola caused the first bang when he won the prestigious 1,000 Lakes Rally in 1975 with the actually inferior Corolla - the first world championship success for Toyota.

n car manufacturer in the world so impressed by the 'Tomminator', that he made the 52-year-old Nordmann head of Operation Rallye -return in 2016.

Ove Andersson did not live to see the decision, he died in 2008 at the age of 70. The parallels are unmistakable: Once again, a former world-class driver is the head of the rally operation, and Mäkinen also began a second career as an entrepreneur after retiring from active roles in 2003. The new team boss found Andersson's former team in Cologne to be too fixated on the circuit.

The Tommi Mäkinen Racing halls in Puuppola in central Finland are the new headquarters of the rally operation. The move and the establishment of the new team delayed the development of the Yaris WRC. Mäkinen has declared the first season after a 17-year break as a self-discovery phase and a year of learning. Almost all experts doubt that the new car and the new team will be competitive in Monte Carlo, but that is irrelevant for the rally fans. The news of the year is: Toyota is finally back.

In the gallery we show you some current pictures from the Toyota WRC comeback in Monte Carlo.


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