The most spectacular motorsport photos of August

The best motorsport photos of August
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A he formula also changed during the Formula 1 summer break 1 world turned on. DTM, World Rally Championship, Nascar, Indycar and the annual dragster spectacle Nytrolympx at the Hockenheimring ensured that the PS junkies never got bored.

Burnouts, drifts and wild crashes

Those who like burnouts and wild drifts got their money's worth in the past month. On the racetracks around the world, the drivers gave a lot of rubber and let the tires smoke. Though frowned upon in Formula 1, spinning tires are fortunately part of the everyday spectacle on the racetracks in the USA.

Friends of well-groomed crashes will also be thrilled at our large collection of highlights. Seabstian Vettel caused a lot of body damage on his own in Spa at the weekend. But he wasn't the only one last month.

The best photos of August

Luckily, the photographers were usually there when cars were in the air or when there were spectacular smoke signals gave away. We have put together the best pictures for you in a large photo show.


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