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The AMG Driving Academy: Supervised driving for customer athletes

The AMG Driving Academy
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The dream of a racing driver - who doesn't cherish it? Buying a racing car is the least of the hurdles. The path to fast lap times and professional behavior on the racetrack, however, requires much more than just a well-filled war chest. In this respect, it makes sense that the sports car branch of M ercedes not only develops, builds and sells a racing car based on the Mercedes SLS AMG - but also helps your customers improve their driving skills on the racetrack possible help.

This is exactly the purpose of the AMG Driving Academy with its special GT3 program: Here, the drivers are specifically trained and in four steps how to deal with the over 520 hp racing offshoot of the Mercedes SLS AMG introduced. The first stage - the SLS AMG GT3 Experience - forms the basis for the correct use of the sports equipment. In a theoretical introduction, the aspirants are first made familiar with the technology of the road car. As an appetizer, guided laps on the racetrack in a Mercedes SLS AMG road vehicle are on the lesson plan.

First theory and then practice

In a further theoretical block, the participants are introduced to the technical details and specifications of the racing car. This also includes an explanation of the operation as well as a seat sample including adjustment to the individual body size. In the third step of the basic training, practical training in a racing car is on the program: Renowned instructors drive ahead, a maximum of two cars follow in an exclusive tow and receive comments on driving technique, curve lines and braking points via the intercom. As the finale of the one-day training course, the participants can take a seat in the passenger seat of an SLS AMG GT3 and experience first hand how professionals push the car to the limit.

That will - figuratively speaking - already set the needle for the next course level the AMG Driving Academy in the arms of the participants: the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 warm-up, a two-daySpecial training on the GT3 racing car. This is no longer about a taster course - but right to the point. On the first day, participants can even take part in a DMSB license course. In addition to a fitness check, all participants receive theoretical instruction in the technical world of the GT3 racing car.

From road car to racing car

The second day is followed by a training session with the SLS AMG road car, then the driver switches to the racing car - but not on slicks, but with road sport tires that have a wide and forgiving limit range. The long list of everyday motorsport life is worked through in guided driving exercises - accelerating, braking, shifting gears, cornering, behavior in traffic, correct overtaking and being overtaken on the racetrack. So that the participants don't get bored in between, fitness training and video analyzes are on the schedule. The program at the proud price of 4,590 euros includes all the background noise, based on the luxury principle: Arrive and Drive. Food, accommodation, provision of the vehicles, driver’s dinner and license acquisition - all included.
Those who have climbed the first two steps are qualified for the third, the right race training with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. From exclusive training in small groups to one-on-one training with a personal coach, from road tires to racing slicks, from increased speed driving to skill at the limit - the third level, the SLS AMG GT3 training, is only intended for those who are really serious, who want to be ready to actively plunge into the racing frenzy.

Here you train under professional conditions - just like you work in racing teams: data analysis, vehicle set-up, cornering speeds, video analysis. In addition, individual optimization of driving technique and curve lines. Better get into the curve quickly and slowly back out again - or is it the other way around? No question will go unanswered in this two-day racing course.

The final is the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Competition

At the same time, only here is the opportunity to apply for the final training level of the AMG Driving Academy , which goes by the name of SLS AMG GT3 Competition, qualify. Getting the finishing touches, finding the crucial tenths of a second, arcing away the last few meters at the braking point - this is where AMG customers, who can now also take part in their own racing car, find out what it feels like to take part in a real racing weekend. Because the entire process of the three-day event is almost exactly the same as that of a real racing event: From the acceptance of documents, the moving into the boxes and the vehicle acceptance, to training sessions, free practice sessions, qualifications and finally - to top it off - two real races in which the participants compete in measure direct competitionmust.

The whole complexity of modern motorsport is, so to speak, transferred one-to-one to the training process. The participants have to work under time pressure, deal with the optimization of setup data, work out a racing strategy - all like in real life. After that, the dream of being a racing driver suddenly becomes reality.

In four stages to success
stage 1 SLS AMG GT3 Experience 1,850 euros *
Theoretical and practical training; Provision of vehicles, catering, race taxi ride
level 2 SLS AMG GT3 Warm-Up 4,590 euros *
theory, driver training; Provision of vehicles; Overnight stay; Catering; License course
level 3 SLS AMG GT3 training 2,900 euros **
theory; Practical driver training; Provision of vehicles; Catering
Level 4 SLS AMG GT3 Competition 9,900 euros *
Driver briefing; Training sessions, qualifying; Race; Provision of vehicles; Accommodation; Catering

Further information at: www.mercedes-amg.com/driving-academy/
* Price per person; ** Price per hour


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