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Technology Audi A5 DTM: The new Audi DTM racer in detail

Technology Audi A5 DTM
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D he new Audi A5 DTM should seamlessly follow the successful legacy of the four-door A4 racing car. Bayern have celebrated four championships with the limousine in the past five years. But the title defense company will certainly not be a sure-fire success in 2012. A third brand is being added with BMW. And with the new cars there are still a lot of question marks for all manufacturers.

Audi has to build eight cars at once

The three long-standing Audi Sport teams Abt Sportsline, Phoenix and Rosberg start the new season with a total of eight new Audi A5 DTMs. The technicians have never had to put so many new cars on the wheels before a DTM season. Otherwise there were usually only four. But there are no annual cars in the first season of the new DTM era. And so special shifts were announced.

'Developing a completely new racing vehicle for a new technical regulation and then duplicating it eight times and also ensuring the supply of spare parts is logistically very difficult and only took a lot of effort entire Audi team, 'explains Head of Audi Motorsport Wolfgang Ullrich. 'However, I am convinced that it will pay off. We have the chance to turn the DTM into the best touring car series in the world this year.'

All three works teams were in the from the start Development and test drives of the new Audi A5 DTM are involved and so start the new DTM era with equal opportunities. From the first test drives at the Lausitzring on September 12, 2011 to the homologation of the A5 DTM on March 1, 2012, they formed a test team together with Audi Sport that completed around 30,000 test kilometers.

Audi teams build A5 DTM itself on

Then the assembly of the emergency vehicles began at Audi Sport in Ingolstadt. The mechanics of the teams were allowed to lend a hand themselves. 'This way they get to know the new cars right down to the smallest detail and get a certain routine before the first race,' explains Martin Mühlmeier, Head of Technology at Audi Sport.

An Audi A5 DTM consists of around 4,000 individual parts. Five people are busy building a vehicle for almost two weeks. In the background, the specialists from Audi Sport take care of the necessary quality assurance, logistics and pre-assembly of individual assemblies.

The supply of spare parts must bebe ensured

The construction begins with the installation of the monocoque, one of currently 59 components that are identical in all DTM vehicles from the three manufacturers. The front end with the engine, the front crash structure and the front axle as well as the rear end including the clutch, transmission and the rear crash structure are then assembled and then married to the chassis but far from finished. Spare parts must also be produced if the pilots put too much strain on the technology. Everything has to be fine by April 29th at the latest. Then the first race in Hockenheim will be for championship points.


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