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Start of conversion: Digital technology for the Nordschleife

The excavators are on the road again at the Nürburgring. A very special modernization program was started during the 2023 winter break. The entire route should be covered with surveillance cameras.

It is one of the largest construction projects in the history of the Nürburgring, in which not only 11 million euros are invested, but also a lot of time. By the 2025 season, the 21-kilometre-long Nordschleife will be continuously monitored using camera technology and artificial intelligence. The starting signal for the extensive modernization project was given at the beginning of January.

Where racing cars normally fight for every tenth, the excavators now roll leisurely through the Green Hell. A completely new infrastructure is required for the planned digitization. Foundations are laid and storm-proof masts for special HD cameras are erected. At the same time, earthworks are being carried out along the entire route to lay the fiber optic and power cables.

More safety for professionals and amateurs

In addition, so-called "off-grid systems" will be set up for the power supply and LED panels will be installed for digital warning signals. At the end of the construction work, one of the world's most comprehensive racetrack safety systems will be put into operation, which will benefit not only professional drivers at major racing events, but also tourist drivers.

Over the past two years, those responsible in the Döttinger Höhe section have been gaining practical experience for this project. A new monitoring system based on artificial intelligence was developed together with the IT group Fujitsu. Only this technology makes it possible to operate the digital security system to the planned extent.

Dangers, accidents or other unscheduled events on the route should be automatically recognized by the technology in the future. The system not only raises the alarm, but is also intended to support the operations center in taking measures. One feature of the new system is, for example, the LED panels that automatically warn following traffic of dangerous spots.

Completion for the 100th birthday

In addition to the established procedure of radio messages by the marshals, in the future all images and information should be brought together directly in the operations center via around 50 kilometers of fiber optic cable. Here the employees then decide on further measures, which should be even faster in the future than before thanks to the complete coverage by 4K cameras.

The organizers hope that the work will progress according to plan. In 1925, excavators rolled through the Eifel for the first time when construction of the Nordschleife began. We would like to have the system ready for use on the 100th birthday. In addition to the structural measures, the artificial intelligence in live operation is constantly being further developed and adapted to the peculiarities of the Nordschleife.


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