Renault Duster Dakar: Rally Duster with V8 power

Renault Duster Dakar
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D he Dacia Duster, in South America with Renault Logo sold as Renault Duster is actually not exactly known as a racing car. In this special case, however, it can be assumed that the pace is right: for the third time, a Renault works team is competing in the Duster for the Dakar Rally, but this time with a lot more power.

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In 2013 and 2014 the Renault Duster was already quite successful, at the last Dakar Rally it came 14th overall - a very impressive one at the tough rally in South America Result. The completely rebuilt rally car for the Dakar 2015 should add a shovel, not least thanks to a lot of power plus. So far, the rally duster has been on the road with a 305 hp V6 contributed by Renault partner Nissan. The machine for the Renault Duster Dakar 2015 also comes from Nissan, but it has two more pots. The racing engine delivers a strong 380 hp. The VK-50 light alloy V8 is currently used in the Infiniti QX70.

Renault Duster Dakar with 380 hp

In the Renault Duster Dakar, the five-liter unit, in contrast to the Nobel SUV QX70 roar with all their might, the sound has goose bumps compared to last year's V6 vocals. The team is officially led by Renault Argentina, and the crew of the two Renault Duster Dakar also come from there. Emiliano Spataro /Benjamín Lozada and José García /Mauricio Malano roll onto the starting ramp of the rally through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia at the beginning of 2015. This commitment is particularly attractive due to the fact that the French Peugeot team will be competing in the Dakar for the first time in 25 years in 2015.

Against the Peugeot 2008 DKR, which will take part with a star line-up on the drivers' seats Belonging to clear favorites, the Renault Duster Dakar has at least the sound ratingalready won: the Peugeots fill up with diesel. The self-declared goal for the Renault team: a place in the top ten.


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