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Race of Champions: Priaulx wants revenge against Germans

Race of Champions
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A lain Prost had to shoot himself on asphalt again. 'I've only been doing ice races since 2003,' laughed the 55-year-old Frenchman. And then the 51-time GP winner paid his successor Sebastian Vettel a nice compliment: 'He deserved the world title. We saw two Vettels this year. The one before the summer break and the one after. The one after that showed how strong he is. And with the title behind him, he will be stronger in 2011. '

Prost also commented on Michael Schumacher:' Anyone who comes back their age after three years has a big task ahead of them. I only skipped one season in 1992 and that was difficult. The problem with Michael was that he and the team had set too ambitious goals. It was perhaps a mistake to target the world title. That was with this one Car not even possible. '

Kristensen wants the Nations Cup again

Tom Kristensen has already challenged Team Germany with Vettel and Schumacher:' I won the team trophy in 2005 with Mattias Ekström. This time I'm going to Nordic Tea with Heikki Kovalainen m. Heikki won the Race of Champions 2004. I think we have a chance to win the team title. '

Andy Priaulx misses his partner Jenson Button from last year. This time he will be teamed with the two-time English touring car champion Jason Plato. The three-time world touring car champion reminded him to a defeat at London's Wembley Stadium against Team Germany and hopes for revenge: 'It would be nice to beat Vettel and Schumacher in front of their audience.'

KTM and Buggy particularly popular

There are clear favorites among the cars on offer. 'The KTM and the buggy are the best. The Nascar car on slicks is not made for this route. It's as wide as the track and you can hardly get around corners, 'said Priaulx. Prost had taken the VW Scirocco into his heart.' The car is automatic. I don't have to couple that. With my short legs, I can't get to the pedals of every car. '

Kovalainen criticized:' With the Audi R8 you can hardly get around the tight corners. But the Porsche 911 is a lot of fun. 'Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher and World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb have registered for the evening training. The Vettel factor has already paid off for the organizers. 75,000 tickets were sold for Saturday and Sunday.


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