Preview VLN run 7: Glickenhaus celebrates comeback

Stefan Baldauf /Robert Kah
Preview VLN run 7
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N Also the fans have been with us lately spectacular new releases such as the Mercedes AMG GT and the Lexus RC F, they can look forward to again next weekend. The Glickenhaus SCG003C, which last caused a sensation with its prototype look at the 24h race, is back at the start in the VLN. The two specimens that compete in the SP-X class are piloted by Franck Mailleux, Andreas Simonsen and Felipe Fernándes Laser on the one hand, and by Thomas Mutsch, Jeff Westphal and Chris Ruud.

Some of these names are already well known on the Nordschleife. Mutsch is one of the veterans in the Eifel, Simonsen is a regular driver of the Black Falcon Mercedes SLS and Laser recently secured overall victory with the BMW Z4 GT3. This time he has to do two things: He is registered for Walkenhorst in both the Glickenhaus and the BMW. In addition to Michaela Cerruti and Victor Bouveng, this will be piloted by David Jahn, who has previously been in action for Glickenhaus.

SP9 class with 10 cars

In addition to the prototype racers, the Lexus RC F GT3 from Farnbacher Racing and Emil Frey Racing are again entered in the SP-X. Alzen Motorsport, on the other hand, is missing with the Ford GT, as there is an overlap in the GT Open. Black Falcon strengthens the regular line-up Hubert Haupt and Adam Christodoulou this time with Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Faisal and Yelmer Buurman. Christodoulou is also one of the double starters and also competes with a Porsche in the SP7.

The usual contenders for victory include the Frikadelli-Porsche, the Falken-Porsche, the Mercedes teams from Rowe and Haribo as well as the Audi teams Phoenix Racing and Twin Busch. For the Audi race experience, Pierre Kaffer and René Rast have been brought in.

Manta made fit again

Of course, Opel Ruhr Pokal races are not allowed to be a very special classic missing: the Opel Manta from Olaf Beckmann, Volker Strycek and Peter Hass. After an accident at the penultimate VLN run through no fault of their own, the oldie was made fit again. 'It was a lot of work to get the Manta up and running again. In our workshop, the lights rarely went out in the past few weeks,' says team boss and driver Olaf Beckmann.


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