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Pikes Peak 2022: 1,200 hp Mazda 3 with Wankel engine

The New Zealand drift star "Mad Mike" Whiddett wants to compete in the anniversary edition of the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb in June with an extremely modified Mazda 3. The car is said to have a 1,200 hp Wankel engine installed by a Japanese tuner.

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is one of the oldest mountain races in the world. As early as 1916, the first cars raced up the 4,310 meter high summit in Colorado. Because the finish is often above the clouds, the event is also called "Race to the clouds". The demanding serpentine route, which is now completely asphalted, is almost exactly 20 kilometers long.

Because the event was canceled a few times during World War I and World War II, the organizers will not celebrate the 100th edition until 2022. To mark the anniversary, a particularly large racing party is to be celebrated on the mountain. Of course, the participants, who have already announced some spectacular vehicles, also want to contribute to this.

The New Zealander "Mad Mike" Whiddett will probably be particularly noticeable. The drift star from the other side of the world has already announced that he wants to convert a Mazda 3 into a 1,200 hp monster. As befits a Mazda, a powerful turbo-charged Wankel engine with four rotors is supposed to provide propulsion.

1,200 hp on the rear axle

Without turbocharging, the engines would quickly run out of breath in the thin mountain air. Even at the start at 2,800 meters there is 30 percent less oxygen available than at sea level. That's why more and more electric racing cars have taken command on the mountain in recent years.

As befits a real drift hero, only the rear axle of the new Mazda 3 is driven. The tires come from partner Toyo. With the power in abundance, the rider should have a sensitive foot on the accelerator if there is to be some rubber left at the summit. Unfortunately, not much else is known about the spectacular project.

The conversion of the four-door is to take place in Japan at "TCP Magic". The tuning company from Hyogo already has experience with Mazda drift monsters and is a real specialist for Wankel engines in racing. The old TCP RX-7 from "Mad Mike" has already achieved cult status in the scene. The Japan bomber was even allowed to leave a few smoking rubber tracks on the asphalt at the time-honoured Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Extensive aero kit

The first computer photo of the new Mazda 3 project not only shows that the stunt driver is sponsored by Red Bull, as in previous years. You can also see four exhaust pipes protruding from the hood. Here we expect a small but loud fireworks display.

Because you can't generate enough downforce in the thin air at high altitude, a powerful wing is mounted behind the rear. The extensive body kit also includes a front splitter, side skirts, rear fender flares and an enlarged diffuser. Of course, there is also a racing chassis with a decent lowering on board.

Of course, a lot of racing technology is also installed in the interior, which should have four seats. The first picture only shows the roll cage. As is well known, one should not skimp on safety at Pikes Peak. A small mistake here can lead to serious accidents.


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