Pikes Peak 2015: Victory for electric car

Pikes Peak 2015
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I n the 99-year history of Pikes Peak, this became Celebrated a premiere this year. For the first time, an electric racing car landed at the top of the overall standings in the traditional hill climb in Colorado. Rhys Millen, who usually competes in the Global RallyCross Championship, conquered the mountain of all mountains with his whirring self-made construction in 9: 07.022 minutes.

The prototype developed and manufactured in Latvia with the somewhat awkward name 'eO PP03 'hardly makes any noise. But don't let that fool you. 6 electric motors - 3 on each axis - fed by a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery ensure proper propulsion even on steep ramps. Overall, the bizarre vehicle generates an insane 1,368 hp.

Electric racing car at Pikes Peak has an advantage

The lightweight carbon racer, which is somewhat reminiscent of a Le Mans prototype in its shape reminds, is equipped with large wings at the rear and at the front. In the narrow serpentines of the almost 20-kilometer route, the front axle in particular has to stick to the road. With horsepower figures in the four-digit range, however, contact pressure and grip are actually required everywhere.

Compared to the combustion engine competition, the electric rocket has a decisive advantage: At the summit at 4,300 meters, the petrol engines are literally fine the word runs out of breath. Due to a lack of oxygen, the conventionally powered racing cars lose power with each of the 1,440 meters of altitude to be mastered.

Second place this year also went to an electric car: Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima also produced a self-made one with more than 1,000 hp at the start, but missed the best time by 20 seconds. The now 65-year-old Japanese has already achieved cult status with fans through his numerous appearances on Pikes Peak. The old master has been competing in the most important hill climb in the world with electric racing cars since 2012.

Rhys Millen is not entirely happy despite electric record

Sebastian Loeb's record from 2013 has not (yet) been broken this year. With a time of 8: 13.878 minutes, the Frenchman was 54 seconds faster in his Peugeot. That sounds reassuring, but the best value will probably not last forever. After his winning run, Rhys Millen reported that due to a defect on the way to the summit, he almost lost theHalf of the electric power was lost.

'We lost a complete engine package in the rear before half time. That is a bit disappointing. You only learn such things when you drive the whole distance in one go. According to our calculations, a time of 8:38 minutes should be easy. We did set a new record for electric racing cars, but I'm not entirely happy with that alone, 'the winner later explained.

In In our picture gallery we show you the photos of the electric rockets at the top of the Pikes Peak classification and many fascinating impressions from the 'Race to the clouds' 2015.


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