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Party with 50,000 PS: Pikes Peak Fan Festival (2018)

Markus Stier
Party with 50,000 hp
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E s is not that Colorado Springs is a sleepy nest where nothing else is going on. The city on the eastern edge of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains has more than doubled its population since the 1980s and is currently around 465,000, making the city, founded in 1870, the second largest in Colorado after Denver.

Colorado Springs is a sports city, the US National Olympic Committee resides here, there are various training centers for various disciplines from bobsleigh to wrestling. Attractions like the more than 3,000 year old Indian rock settlement Manitou Cliff Dwellings and the 'Cave of the Wind' attract six million visitors a year.

Markus Stier
Yes, everyone is there: The Pikes Peak Fan Festival is one for a small town like Colorado Springs Mega event.

Mandatory date: all teams display their cars

The center of the city looks sober and during the day almost deserted, the lights of the big city attract many visitors to the restaurants and bars in the evening. But on no other occasion of the year is Colorado Springs so overcrowded that you are stuck in traffic on the main road - as a pedestrian, mind you. Two evenings before the Pikes Peak race, all the teams come to town and exhibit their cars, participation is compulsory.

The hype is also used by others from paint shops who advertise individualized car designs, from classic tuning companies to food trucks. The highlight is the demonstration of the motocross acrobats from the Red Bull stable, who perform spectacular stunts. But above all, the “Fan Festival” for residents of the city is motorsport up close and personal.

Smell: smoking pot is inColorado allows

Ever since marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado, the downtown streets increasingly smell of freshly smoked weed, and beer consumption in the pubs is not bad either. But neither the visitors nor the teams can afford an overly large “hangover”. They are moving back towards Pikes Peak next morning to set everything up for the race on Sunday.


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