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Nürburgring 24h Race: This is how the Top 40 qualifying works

Nürburgring 24h Race 2012
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S a new qualifying mode for the 24h was introduced last year -Races discussed. It's now there for the 40th edition of the long-distance classic. As before, there will be two timed training sessions: one on Thursday evening and one on Friday morning. In addition, there is now the top 40 qualifying on Friday evening.

Two qualifying laps

Here the best 40 compete against each other and fight for the best starting position for the race. Even before the 24h race the teams had the opportunity to qualify for this jump-off. In the races for the VLN Endurance Championship, the ten fastest participants in training automatically withdrew the ticket for the top qualifying. A total of 17 cars have already bought tickets for the High Noon on Friday evening.

The remaining 23 places will be allocated in the two timed training sessions. Vehicles that are already qualified have to give way to the others and only take to the track 20 minutes later. Once all 40 participants have been determined, the starting order for the individual time trial will be drawn on Friday afternoon. Every driver does a warm-up lap and then has to go all out in two qualifying laps. The cars start every ten seconds. The best time determines the starting order for the 24-hour race.

Pure qualifier tires useless

With this new mode, those responsible want to minimize the crowd before qualifying at the pit lane exit . In the past, there was always a run-up at the end of the pit lane because everyone wanted to secure the best starting position.

With the new procedure, the qualifier tires should also lose their importance. The tires, often custom-made by the tire manufacturers, were specially designed for performance for one lap. The fight for the best qualifiers was programmed. Now the teams have to use at least three of the slicks used in the top 40 qualifying at the start of the 24h race. Pure qualifier tires fall through the rust. Because they don't survive more than one or two laps.


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