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Norisring 2010: Scheider wants to defeat Noris-Curse

DTM Norisring 2010: Scheider back on the road to success?
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T imo Scheider and the Norisring - that was not yet great love. 'But that was mainly due to the fact that my car was mostly not that good here,' the DTM champion apologizes. It wasn't until his championship season in 2009 that he finally had a good car here and it was almost enough.

Scheider program with errors

The program ran perfectly all weekend. After taking pole position, Scheider led the race for a long time and already had victory in mind. 'In the last two rounds, the program then had an error,' jokes the Swiss citizen. In a tough maneuver, Mercedes driver Jamie Green took the lead. Shortly before the end, Bruno Spengler and Mattias Ekström also drove past.

This year Scheider wants to attack again. The 32-year-old Lahnsteiner expects his current company car to have good chances. 'For many years, Audi had a disadvantage when it came to top speed, because the car concept was geared more towards downforce. Now, for the first time, we are able to drive faster than the Mercedes on the straights.' wants to get back on the podium at the Norisring

So far the season has not yet gone according to plan. Scheider is currently seventh in the DTM classification without a podium finish. There are three Mercedes drivers at the top. 'Mercedes is known for good traction. They are still half a step ahead of us,' admits the veteran. 'It would be nice to break the spell and find your way back onto the podium, especially in this race.'

Last year Scheider traveled to Nuremberg with a bad cold. 'With a temperature of 39 ° C, I at least got pole position. A fit Timo Scheider would like to repeat that this year.' However, the Audi star also knows that the first victory at the Norisring is particularly difficult. 'It's something very special. You can't allow yourself the slightest mistake here. The track is so short that you can't catch up with anything.' Perhaps it will work out in his 101st DTM race with the maiden victory.


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