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Nordschleife is being rebuilt: No more speed limits from 2016

Stefan Baldauf /Robert Kah
Nordschleife is being rebuilt
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T he Nordschleife fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Soon there will be free travel again on the 20.8 kilometer long mountain and valley railway. A serious accident at the first round of the season for the VLN endurance championship Nürburgring at the end of March 2015, in which a spectator was killed, triggered a safety debate, as a result of which speed limits were introduced in various areas.

That should end in 2016 his. As part of a round table on the subject of 'Nordschleife safety', Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH (CNG) presented a comprehensive catalog of measures on Monday (August 17, 2015), which, according to the operator, was presented to representatives of the DMSB, ADAC and the automotive industry , met with broad approval from organizers, teams and drivers.

Elimination of speed limits on the Nordschleife from 2016

'The safety on the Nordschleife during races, but also during test drives in industry and Tourist trips are our top priority, 'explained Carsten Schumacher, Managing Director of the Nürburgring operating company CNG. 'Together with those involved, we analyzed the situation in detail as a consequence of the accident and developed target-oriented measures to further increase the active and passive safety and above all the safety of the spectators along the Nordschleife.'

As a first measure, plans for additional protective fences in several sections of the route and a restricted zone in the Schwedenkreuz area were presented. To increase passive safety, the protection lines are to be optimized by means of additional crash barriers and FIA protective fences, for example along the Döttinger Höhe to better protect the adjacent federal road.

The renewal of the lane in the first step in the airfield section serves the purpose active safety. 'On the basis of a detailed survey, we will renew the roadway in the airport area at around 500 meters and remove five bumps that have arisen over the years due to the heavy use and strain on the Nordschleife,' said Carsten Schumacher of the project. Work should start in November. By the start of the 2016 season, 7 of the 16 presented individual measures should be ready.

The uniqueness of the Nordschleife should be preserved

DMSB President Hans-Joachim Stuck expressed his satisfaction with the renovation in the service of theSafety: 'Everyone involved wants to preserve the Nordschleife and its uniqueness. However, everyone is aware that we have to increase safety. For this goal, the Nürburgring, as the track operator, has worked out a number of effective measures in detail for this lap Tisch have met with broad approval. '

The Nürburgring will now submit the catalog of measures presented as an application to the German Motorsport Association DMSB for forwarding to the route commission of the World Automobile Federation FIA. At the end of the year, the race track license, which expires at regular intervals, must be extended by the FIA.


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