Nissan Z GT500 replaces 2022 GT-R in Super GT

Nissan and its motorsport division Nismo have unveiled the new GT race car for the Super GT series in Japan. The Z GT500 will inherit the GT-R GT500 (R35) from 2022.

For 13 years, the Nissan GT-R GT500 has done its laps in the Japanese Super GT racing series - it has won the championship in the top class GT500 five times. The commitment of Nissan and Nismo can thus be described as successful, and of course it should remain so if the manufacturer and its Japanese teams have their way. After a well-deserved career, the racer, also affectionately known as "Godzilla" in racing, is now retiring and making room for a new GT racing car: the Nissan Z GT500 officially introduced. The sports car inherits the 370Z, delivers 400 hp and drives up with the three-liter twin-turbo V6 from the Infiniti Q50. Its mixture of manual switch with rear-wheel drive, mechanical lock and modern assistance systems sounds attractive, but we are denied it because the EU emissions regulations put a spanner in the works for imports.

More power despite two fewer cylinders

Nissan has not yet revealed the exact technical data of the Z GT500 racing car, but the production engine will not be able to provide the propulsion. This requires the Class 1 regulations of the racing series, which are still familiar from the DTM: Because all vehicles that compete in the Super GT work with single-charged four-cylinder engines. These make a maximum of 650 hp. Accordingly, apart from the headlights, the converted Nissan Z no longer has too many things in common with its civilian brother. Not difficult to see: the aerodynamics in particular have been fine-tuned. While the production model appears fairly straightforward, the racing car has wide wheel arches, numerous ventilation slots, a huge gooseneck wing and a number of carbon add-on parts (sills, diffuser, etc.) that are intended to improve aerodynamic grip.,

Start of service for the Nissan Z GT500 is April 17, 2022. The first race of the coming season will take place at the Okayama International Circuit, followed by the Fuji Speedway and the Suzuka Circuit, among others. A total of eight races are on the program until the finale is held at the Twin Ring Motegi (from 2022: Mobility Resort Motegi) at the beginning of November.


The winged Nissan Z is an impressive sight. It has to be - after all, after 13 years of GT-R GT500 racing, the race car will be following in big, victorious footsteps from the 2022 Super GT season.


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