Nissan Delta Wing Project: Unrivaled after Le Mans

Nissan Delta Wing project
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D he racing car manufacturer Delta Wing had a radical concept for a new one in 2010 Indycar racing car presented. At first glance, the completely disguised racer is more reminiscent of a rocket car used for speed records on the salt flats of Utah. The narrow front tapers to a point, behind the engine there is no rear wing but a vertical tail unit like on an airplane.

Nissan Delta Wing up to 380 km /h

According to simulations by Delta Wing, the new racer should be on the large ovals with a 300 hp two-liter four-cylinder engine in the rear Accelerate to up to 380 km /h. However, nothing came of the Indycar project and new areas of application were sought. Now the Delta Wing racer is allowed to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012, albeit out of competition, because the racer does not fit into any regulations. Therefore, it will also have the starting number zero.

Nissan has now been won over as an engine partner for the Le Mans project. The Japanese want to contribute a 1.6-liter gasoline direct injection with turbocharging. This should bring it to around 300 hp. Sufficient, since the 4.65 meter long Nissan Delta Wing should only weigh 475 kilograms. The wheelbase is 2.90 meters, the front track width is specified as 0.6 meters, the rear with 1.7 meters. The Nissan Delta Wing measures only 1.03 meters in height. The extremely slim shape is intended to reduce the drag coefficient to 0.24. The weight distribution between the front and rear axles is given as 27.5 percent to 72.5 percent.

Franchitti and Krumm drive the Delta Wing

The Nissan Delta Wing is driven in Le Mans by the British sports car driver Marino Franchitti and the FIA ​​GT 1 world champion Michael Krumm. The Nissan Delta Wing is set to do its first demo laps in Sebring on March 15th.


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