New rally cars 2017: wide, inspiring and 380 hp

New rally cars 2017
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D he world's best drifters are getting new toys for 2017. Like Formula 1, the World Rally Championship (WRC) has extensively revised its technical regulations. With the aim of making the cars more aggressive and faster.

Large baffles are growing in rally cars

The technicians enjoy more freedom when designing the body than they have for three decades. The 2017 generation of rally racing cars swell large baffles and front splitters. That brings downforce. Just like the larger rear spoiler and the new rules for the diffuser. The maximum dimensions are specified, but the manufacturers are free to design the diffuser and allow it to protrude up to five centimeters over the cladding. The manufacturers go different ways. While Hyundai and Toyota integrate the diffuser below the rear apron, M-Sport sets it off in its Ford Fiesta.

The cars grow in width by 5.5 centimeters from 1,820 to 1,875 millimeters. They must measure at least 3.90 meters in length. The weight drops from 1,200 to 1,175 kilograms. At the same time, however, performance increases. When it comes to the engine, the regulators hold fast to the four-cylinder turbo with 1.6 liter displacement. The boost pressure must not exceed 2.5 bar. That was already the case in 2016.

Aggressive from the front and back - the new WRC generation.

Enlarged air flow limiter

In return, an enlarged air flow limiter (from 33 to 36 mm) increases the power from around 320 to around 380 hp. Or more. The manufacturers cannot be looked at here in the cards. The same applies to the torque. While Toyota speaks of over 425 Nm in the Yaris WRC, M-Sport reports 450 Nm in the Ford Fiesta WRC. Another important change: they are active againCenter differentials allow what will improve the handling of the racing car.

Wider, more aerodynamically refined with more mechanical grip, lighter and more powerful: This should result in new records in 2017. A manufacturer leaves the big rally stage. VW is stepping down, the 2017 Polo WRC, which has already been fully developed, will probably move directly from the test track to the museum, but Toyota will be drifting along again. For the first time since leaving the World Rally Championship in 1999.

In the gallery we show you the company cars of Sebastien Ogier and Co. in the new paintwork.


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