NASCAR plans rain package for small ovals

Previously, rain on ovals regularly led to cancellations and delays. The US stock car association NASCAR could now have found an obvious solution, at least for its small courses.

For countless decades there has been an iron rule in oval racing: As soon as it rains, driving is impossible. Because in view of the high speeds in steep curves and the narrow fields, the risk for everyone involved is simply too high. Anxious glances at the weather forecast and the rain radar are part of the standard program on every race weekend.

The wet is a massive problem for the racing series and the tracks. Cancellations and postponements not only mess up your TV plans. In addition, almost all offer their fans special financial compensation such as vouchers and rebookings in order to be able to welcome them as customers in the future. Just a small shower can mean a gigantic bureaucratic effort so quickly.

NASCAR plans rain package

Now NASCAR could have found a simple solution. The American Stock Car Association already uses a rain package for its occasional circuit excursions. This could also be used slightly modified on ovals from next year. It includes a windshield wiper, adapted processes, taillights and of course tread tires from tire partner Goodyear.

Although the first real uses revealed even bigger problems such as excessive spray and too weak taillights, NASCAR seems to be willing to use the concept on its small ovals as well. So-called "short tracks" such as the Martinsville Speedway and the Phoenix Raceway do have banked corners, but these are, like the track lengths, significantly shorter compared to Daytona and Co.

More intermediates than rain tires

Like the US magazine Road & Track reports that the efforts, which began even before the debut of the current generation of cars, should be seen more as a tool: the main goal of the package is to reduce delays and accelerate the drying of the track. Classic rain races with partly standing water remain physically too challenging.

Even though NASCAR's nemesis will continue to wreak havoc, fans could still save a lot of waiting time. If the plans go ahead, they can look forward to even wilder racing and bold change strategies thanks to the drying tracks.


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