Nascar 2012 - Budweiser Shootout Daytona

Nascar - Budweiser Shootout 2012
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M ith the Budweiser Shootout, the Nascar traditionally reports from the Winter break back. No points will be awarded in the show race on the 2.5 mile tri-oval at Daytona. There is substantial prize money for this. So the tactic for most pilots is given: Full attack.

The 2012 edition of the Budweiser Shootout was even more action-packed than expected. One crash chased the next. Sparks kept flying somewhere. The new rules were also to blame.

'Pack racing' ensures a lot of action

Last year there was only one tactic to get ahead quickly. Cars joined together in formations of two. During the so-called 'tandem drafting', the man behind pushed in the slipstream, which meant that the team picked up speed.

This year, thanks to some technical changes, the so-called 'pack racing' was on show again, in which all the pilots race through the soup bowl side by side and one behind the other in a large group.

When it comes to the steep curves in rows of three at 315 km /h, it is well known that even small bumps and short slides are enough to trigger larger collisions. And there were several of the mass crashes called 'Big Ones' in America at the weekend.

Kyle Busch wins after a near-crash

There was also one winner in the end: Kyle Busch pushed his Toyota's nose in the finish sprint by 0.013 seconds ahead of Tony Stewart's Chevrolet. The Gibbs Toyota driver with starting number 18 had to endure several hairy situations before.

In the middle of the race, Busch was turned around by Jeff Gordon and was barely able to prevent a crash into the walls by sliding sideways. For Gordon, however, things didn't go so well. During the incident, he rolled onto his roof and completely destroyed his Chevy.

The spectacular pictures from the Budweiser Shootout 2012 can be found in our photo gallery.


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