Motorsport Girls of the Year 2016

Motorsport Girls of the Year 2016
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D he motorsport not only offers a stage for manufacturers, Teams and drivers. But also for the grid girls. Year after year, the girls turn the paddocks and starting grid of this world into their personal catwalk.

Photo show with hot girls from motorsport

Once again in 2016, the grid girls turned the heads of fans, journalists and mechanics. Sometimes in sexy clothes, sometimes in a mini skirt, sometimes in a skin-tight one-piece or in hot pants and crisp top. The variety was great, the eyes grew at the sight of the pretty ladies. It goes without saying that they always put on their nicest smile as soon as a photographer with a camera approached.

Regardless of whether it is sun or rain, a hot stove in Malaysia or a cold chamber in Montreal: the grid girls adjusted to the circumstances and posed until the last one had his photo in the box. But what do we talk about for a long time: Just get an idea for yourself. We have packed the hottest girls from 2016 in motorsport into our gallery.


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