Modern rally legends: New cars with an old look
Modern rally legends
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D he rally scene has been suffering in recent years more and more under spectator decline. The heyday of off-road sports are long gone. Many fans think sadly back to the era of Group B or the Dakar rallies in North Africa.

Back then, the cars were wild and dangerous. The pilots were still celebrated as heroes. And numerous manufacturers ensured a colorful field of participants. Today VW drives in circles around the few competitors with its Polo. The sport has lost its adventure character.

Rally legends in a new guise

To remember the good old days, the British website carwow dared an exciting experiment. A computer graphic designer was commissioned to transfer the look of the legendary racers from the past to the current model range of the respective manufacturers.

The result is impressive: the Audi S1 ​​E2 comes to life again in the form of a modern TT . The Lancia Stratos is reborn in the shape of the current Delta. And the Ford RS 200 from 1983 comes back on the gravel road as a wide-body Mustang. Even the legendary “Rote Sau” from Mercedes or the Dakar Rolls Royce from 1981 are given a new look.

In our picture gallery we show you the crazy homage to the rally heroes of the past.


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