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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 - technology of the racing car: attack with the customer sport model

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 - technology of the racing car
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The starting shot was given in autumn of last year - at least the first. At that time, those responsible at M ercedes AMG, not to leave it with the eagerly awaited street SLS, but to add a veritable racing model to the two-seater, which has proven itself with gullwing doors.

Mercedes SLS AMG as GT3 competitor for Audi, BMW and Porsche

The competition was quickly identified: The one from the Affalterbach-based performance car manufacturer in close collaboration with the one for the DTM The newcomer developed by the responsible HWA AG is to scare the GT3 racing cars from Audi, BMW and Porsche. The rear-wheel-drive V8 sports car will also be based on those in terms of price.

Similar to the Audi R8 built in accordance with the GT3 regulations, the racing Mercedes should also SLS AMG the 3 are at the beginning of a six-figure sum. Interested customers can order from autumn this year, and deliveries should be made in good time before the start of the 2011 racing season. FIA homologation will be completed in March of next year. Only then - this is what the Balance of Performance wants - the technical data will finally be determined. Until then, we mainly know the following: The free-suction 6.2-liter V8 with dry sump lubrication will remain largely on the production line, but will be linked to a sequential six-speed racing transmission in a transaxle design. Gear selection is made using shift paddles mounted on the semicircular steering wheel.

FIA will certainly have changes made to the SLS AMG GT3

The transmission, which is mounted on the rear axle, is connected to the engine by means of a torque tube in a flexible and torque-proof manner and has an integrated lamella - Limited slip differential. A brake system in composite technology, aiming for maximum stability and optimal controllability, ensures adequate deceleration values. Their gray cast iron disks are fixed in a radial and axial floating manner via stainless steel composite elements on an aluminum pot. Exactly calculated cooling channels in the form of openings in the newly designed front apron and in front of the rear wheels are intended to prevent thermal problems. The ABS receives a race set-up.

The ones in the series SLSThe optionally available ceramic brake does not harmonize with the 18-inch wheels required by the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčregulations due to the disc size. On the SLS GT3, they are 12 inches wide at the front and 13 inches at the rear and are locked centrally. The regulations of the World Automobile Association will also leave their mark on the carbon wing, which towers high above the wide rear of the racer: it is currently even more powerful than the regulations allow.


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