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Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 - racing cars for customer sport: the gullwing gets wings

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Racing series for near-series GT vehicles are enjoying increasing popularity worldwide. A sales and image bringer on which Mercedes would also like to participate. The GT3 version of the super sports car should make this possible M ercedes SLS AMG , which was designed by AMG as a customer sports vehicle.

Carbon fiber lowers weight, spoilers increase downforce

With its conversion from SLS AMG to the SLS AMG GT3, the Mercedes is gaining wings above all. The new front apron, which, like all other body components, is made of carbon fiber laminate, has larger air inlets, side fins and a powerful spoiler lip that seamlessly merges into the fully clad underbody and the adjoining rear diffuser. In order to dissipate the engine heat more quickly, the engine hood has been perforated in the center.

The polycarbonate windows are supposed to ensure less weight, and the windshield can even be made of this material on request. In contrast, the fender width has increased. A 50 millimeter increase creates space for wide racing tires. Channels in the new side skirts are used for rear brake ventilation. The double filler neck for the quick tank system is located on the B-pillar, the 120 liter tank itself was positioned centrally behind the driver.

The SLS AMG GT3 offers the most spectacular look from the rear. A powerful, fully adjustable spoiler provides the racing superstructure. Additional ventilation openings ensure the thermal health of the brake system, a powerful diffuser should have a calming effect on the wind and a rain light should make the GT3 recognizable even in adverse conditions.

V8 remains untouched, the gearbox is replaced

The 6.2-liter V8 in the front of the SLS remains almost untouched due to the regulations, but the series transmission had to give way to a sequential six-speed racing transmission with an integrated limited slip differential. Gear changes are initiated by shift paddles on the steering wheel. The chassis can be adjusted to any type of track, the power steering was adjusted more directly. Pure racing components are also used in the brakesCommitment. Six- and four-piston calipers bite into huge gray cast iron discs - a racing ABS optimizes the deceleration. Again, the regulations dictate the 18 inch rims and the racing tires mounted on them. An integrated air lift system ensures quick tire changes.

In the interior, the driver encounters a racing seat with a six-point belt and HANS system. A roll cage made of steel is responsible for additional safety. The racing steering wheel, which is open at the top, measures 330 millimeters in diameter and provides a view of a central display that bundles all relevant information. Other controls are bundled on the center console.


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