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Mercedes-AMG GT2 with 707 hp: Also made for beginners

Mercedes-AMG completes the customer sport range with the GT2. The 707 hp racing car will close the gap between GT3 and GT4 from 2023. According to AMG, a car that is also suitable for inexperienced drivers.

Privateer, bon vivant, gentleman driver - three terms that one would like to refer to oneself. But unfortunately the conditions have to be right, which often require a bulging financial portfolio. At least if you want to do it "right". AMG understands that this also includes owning a racing car, ideally a model from Affalterbach. Especially for the so-called gentleman drivers, i.e. solvent hobby drivers without a factory affiliation, the sports car brand will bring the AMG GT2 in 2023. ,

Against the background that neither GT3 nor GT4 have as much power as the new model, the comment "...even inexperienced drivers can quickly build up confidence..." in the associated press release seems a bit irritating at first. But AMG promises reliable drivability and actually wants to express that the GT2 is technically not as complex as the GT3 model with a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated engine, which is usually piloted by professionals.

No one is stronger

The GT2, like the entry-level customer sport model GT4, is powered by the well-known four-liter V8 biturbo, but with 707 hp it delivers significantly more ( 544 hp in the GT4 ). A sequential six-speed racing gearbox sorts the power via pneumatically controlled shift paddles on the steering wheel. The transmission itself is mounted on the rear axle according to the transaxle design. A mechanically adjustable locking differential helps with power distribution. 18-inch wheels with central locking bring the power to the asphalt. ,

Specific assistance systems such as motorsport ABS or adjustable traction control ensure safety on the track. A steel cage encloses the interior, and a six-point harness keeps the pilot firmly strapped into his carbon shell. There is also a lot of carbon to be seen in the interior. The lightweight material encases the central instrument cluster behind the multifunction steering wheel and forms the center console and door panels.

Even if the structure of the GT2 lags behind the GT3 in terms of complexity, it does not do entirely without aerodynamic refinements. The large gooseneck wing at the rear can be adjusted manually in many ways, AMG Louvers are integrated into the carbon fenders on the front axle, and the front splitter has lateral blades.

The last test drives with the new customer sport model are currently taking place. AMG is planning the market launch in the run-up to the 2023 motorsport season, a price has not yet been announced. Without a doubt, however, it is above the approximately 200,000 euros that are due for an AMG GT4. As mentioned: If you want to be a gentleman driver, you also need the appropriate account balance. ,


Mercedes-AMG closes the customer sport gap between the professional GT3 and the entry-level GT4. The AMG GT2 will be available from 2023, which with 707 hp is more powerful than its two racing car brothers. It is primarily aimed at gentleman drivers.


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