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Mercedes-AMG GT Future Concept: Hypercar from the designer

Alex Imnadze
Mercedes-AMG GT Future Concept by Alex Imnadze
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B For a long time we only know the silhouette of the hypercar from Mercedes-AMG. Otherwise the design is still an unknown. There is a little more information about the technology. The hypercar is to be a super sports car for the road with Formula 1 technology. So not just a racetrack toy. The 1.6-liter six-cylinder from the Silver Arrow provides propulsion. Additional electric motors increase the punch.

We're talking about more than 1,000 hp and all-wheel drive. Less than 300 copies are to be built. They should be sold out before the presentation at the IAA 2017.

omeo, Maserati, Bertone and Ford sat down at the desk after the actual work and woke up the 906/917 Concept in around two weeks. The name already reveals who the designer was inspired by. From the Porsche 906, which, as a long-tail version, took the other places behind three Ford GT40 MK IIs in Le Mans in 1966. And from the legendary 917, in which Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood achieved the first of 18 overall victories for Porsche in 1970.

His Porsche 906/917 Concept should be a hypercar with an output between 1,100 and 1,300 hp, says Imnadze. The designer has not yet invested a lot of thought into the exact composition of the (imaginary) hybrid drive train. Rather, with the 906/917 Concept he wants to 'build a bridge between the Le Mans classics, today's Porsche sports cars and the Mission E', which is expected for 2020.


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