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Martin and Alex Brundle 24h-Race Le Mans 2012: When the father with the son

Martin and Alex Brundle 24h race Le Mans 2012
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Like Ex-F1 -World champion Nigel Mansell

M artin Brundle not only has a good reputation to defend as an extremely accomplished racer, who, by the way, is already on the overall winner list of the most famous endurance race in the world: In 1990 the Briton won the Le Mans 24h race for the Jaguar works team and also achieved good results for Nissan, Toyota and Bentley. But today, at the age of 53, Martin Brundle is also a celebrity in his home country Great Britain as a commentator for the F1 races. But the footsteps that Senior Brundle is following with this project are treacherous: Ex-F1 world champion Nigel Mansell, for example, also entered Le Mans with his sons Greg and Leo in 2010 - and embarrassed himself to the bone, when he crammed the prototype into the guardrails just 17 minutes after take-off.

Le Mans participation to enjoy

Martin Brundle doesn't challenge bad role models: “I just wanted to go back enjoy motorsport as an active person and at the same time use the opportunity to do something with my son Alex, who already competes in long-distance races in the European Le Mans Series. ”The differences from before are obvious:“ I competed eight times in Le Mans , but in a completely different position than today, namely always as the lead driver in thoroughbred works teams - and always in the fastest car in the field. This year I'm going to start in the LMP2 class, so the Audi and Toyota will only come up from behind. ”

Another difference:“ In the past I always drove closed cars, but this year I'm sitting in an open LMP2 Spyder. I'm excited to see what Le Mans feels like in an open car. But this also has an advantage, because in closed cars it usually gets extremely hot, while in the open car a pleasant fresh air circulation is guaranteed as standard, so to speak! 'But the open car can also be a disadvantage, as Brundle Senior knows:' If it rains and you stumble behind the safety car for two hours, then it can get really cold and uncomfortable. '

Father and son learn from each other

The father-son relationshipis by no means to be understood as a one-way street based on knowledge of the kind that the senior is constantly explaining to the junior how to drive: “I would say we both learn from each other. The boy keeps coming up with newfangled but now common terms in racing such as “turning the car into a curve” or “braking profile” around the corner. I always stop and have to ask what they are talking about. Alex knows very well about the braking techniques of the young generation of vehicles, and I'm definitely learning something there too. And he is very familiar with data analysis. At the same time, he can benefit from my experience, but provided that he takes my advice seriously. We will only see at the end of the 24-hour race whether I was successful with my teachings. ”

Successful finish in 15th place

At the 24h race in Le Mans 2012 it was enough for Martin Brundle's LMP2 team together with son Alex and GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez in the Greaves Motorsport Zytek Nissan to finish eighth in class and position 15 in the overall ranking. “The race was tougher than expected after we had problems with a torn alternator belt right at the beginning. Later there was trouble with the throttle valve, so I got off the piste once in the first chicane. Fortunately, I only touched the guardrail lightly and slid along it so that nothing else was broken. Had our car been as reliable as its sister car, a podium place would have been possible. But what pleased me most was the pace of Alex and Lucas - the kids did a great job, the three of us were about the same speed, 'said the Briton, who works as a Formula 1 commentator.


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