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Marcus Schurig on the collision between Le Mans and F1: limit to nonsense

Marcus Schurig on the Le Mans-F1 collision
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D he World Council of the FIA ​​met and made a decision on the verge of nonsense: The Formula 1 race in Baku announced for 2016 is now to take place on the same weekend as the 24h race in Le Mans.

Hülkenberg cannot defend the Le Mans title

Not only does Nico Hülkenberg's commitment to Porsche fall flat, the media value of the Le Mans 24h race is also weakened. In this context, one cannot speak of coincidence, that much is certain.

The question is: Who is responsible for this fuck-up? If you follow the statements of high-ranking ACO officials, FIA President Jean Todt has promised that the Le Mans event will be handled like a Formula 1 event, i.e. it has been set and there should not be any overlaps with other important series not at all with Formula 1. The promise dates back to 2012, when the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup was granted World Championship status. The promise has apparently never been set in writing, as the World Council decision now shows.

Jean Todt apparently does not have the power to keep this promise. Bernie Ecclestone sets his appointments as he is funny - and he is suspicious of the success story of the World Sports Car Championship. As in the past, he does everything he can to pester or wash off upcoming opponents - who in fact aren't really any. And that is exactly what happened here: Posting the F1 race in Baku on the Le Mans date is a deliberate maneuver to weaken the World Sports Car Championship. The British are not interested in the fact that Bernie spoils a beautiful story for the sport, namely that F1 drivers compete in Le Mans. It's not about sport - it's about power.


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