LMP1 racing: less engine power for 2016

LMP1 racing
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I n next year all engines, regardless of whether they are diesel or gasoline, get by with 10 MJ less energy per lap. 'That will reduce the lap times in a range of 4 to 5 seconds at Le Mans,' said Porsche chief technology officer Alex Hitzinger.

At Porsche, it is assumed that the cars will be slower than they were this year, because the rate of development is flattening out anyway. For Audi and Porsche, which are operating at a similar level this season, this is less of a problem than for Toyota, which are lagging behind for many reasons. 'The ACO wants the Le Mans lap times in the race to be no less than 3.20 minutes,' said Toyota Technical Director Pascal Vasselon.

'That means: less fuel per lap. Since we have to catch up, the challenge is even greater for us now because we have to improve in the range of 5 seconds per lap for 2016 in order to catch up . '


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