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Legendary Motorsport Livery: The 20 Most Iconic Racing Designs of All Time

Legendary motorsport livery
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A even if it does nothing to make a car faster , a real racing car without an eye-catching paint job is unthinkable. The task for the designer is not easy: In the broad mass of a field of participants, the car has to stand out at first glance. Even from a long distance and from every angle, it should be possible to see which team is at the start. At the same time, the sponsors must also be easily recognizable and not fade into the background with conspicuous colors.

The game with the elegant lines does not always succeed. The designers often fight against far too many small advertising stickers or get bogged down in the rainbow of colors. This is why the simplest color schemes are often the best. Take an example: Who doesn't remember the film beetle Herbie? White base color as well as a red and a white stripe lengthways across the car. It couldn't be easier. In addition, a round sticker with the start number and every child knows immediately: This is the cult beetle from the cinema.

Fixed design ensures recognition value

The two wide white stripes that run in the middle from the front over the bonnet and roof to the rear apron are also very classic. The model most fans associate with this often copied design is the legendary Ford GT40, which won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1966. US sports car fans in particular like to add the well-known double bars to their jewelry to underline the sportiness.

Most often, however, a good color scheme is created when a single main sponsor appears on the car with a distinctive design Design not or only hardly changed for several years. There are numerous successful examples from motorsport history that we have put together in a large photo show. Special thanks go to the cigarette and alcohol manufacturers, whose paintwork has achieved cult status in many cases.


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