Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Paris 2019

Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Paris 2019
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B at the appearance of the electric one-make cup in the French capital, only six of eleven laps were driven under green. Inglorious highlight: The race was ended by the red flag for obscure reasons. Bryan Sellers celebrated his second win of the season, leading the points table ahead of Sergio Jimenez.

The rain came just in time for the start of the Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy. First in the form of a fine drizzle, then, intensifying, with large, heavy drops. The drastically deteriorating grip of the all-weather Michelins had a significant impact on the action on the track.

Yellow flags and safety car

Guest starter Archie Hamilton was the first to check the firm fit the body parts on the cars of the opponent. Plastic waste lying around led to the first full-course yellow in the second round. Another alarm on lap five: Why the race director sent the safety car onto the track will probably remain his secret forever.

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After the demolition, Bryan Sellers was presented with the largest trophy.

After Katherine Legge unpacked the hammer at the restart. In a violent maneuver, the British wanted to slow down two opponents at once. With modest success: The bitterly attacked Caca Bueno and Legge himself landed in the TecPro barrier. While Legge found reverse gear and sped away again, the Buenos SUV stopped as if it had been stuck in place.

The rescue team worked at a very slow pace - it took five minutes before the damaged vehicle hung on the hook of the recovery tractor . And then the maximum time - 25 minutes plus one lap - was already over. Canceled with red flag.


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