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IndyCar studies for 2035: Indy racers in Star Wars look

Matus Prochaczka /wekoworks.com
IndyCar studies for 2035
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S since 2012 the IndyCar Series with standard chassis from Dallara on the road. In the 2015 season, the engine manufacturers were allowed to design their own aero kits for the first time to bring a little more variety into the game. Since then, wings have grown out of the body everywhere. There are also digital position indicators on the airbox, which also contributed to the unique look of the racing cars.

IndyCars are given an aggressive design

If the Slovak designer Matus Prochaczka has its way, then this is it But the end of the flagpole is still a long way off. The graphic artist thought about what the US racing cars might look like in 20 years. According to his ideas, the look of the IndyCar generation in 2035 will once again be significantly more aggressive than it is today.

Unfortunately, the virtual racers do not have great chances of being realized. The oval projectiles are too spaced. The nose tapers forward like a splitting ax. The arrow-shaped front wing, which is reminiscent of a razor blade, is probably not the ideal solution in terms of safety.

You don't want to experience a T-bone crash with the futuristic racers. The underbody, which is pulled far forward on the flanks, gives the car a trident profile. The nested air inlets on the side pods are more reminiscent of Star Wars. There is no airbox. Looks cool, but shouldn't be particularly practical if you want to supply the engine with air.

Futuristic wheel design

One of the most interesting features is the faired rear wheels. To change tires, the covers can simply be folded up. The artist has also given a lot of thought to the rim design. They manage without a central wheel hub, which would certainly make pit stops interesting.

Matus Prochaczka did not just develop the IndyCar studies for viewing on a computer screen. On his website >> wekoworks.com he also offers the future hits as high-quality prints on canvas or aluminum for sale. In our picture gallery we present the different motifs and show you some interesting details of the big hits.


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