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Honda HSV-010 GT: Brute GT monster for the Japanese racing series

Honda HSV-010 GT
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After the withdrawal from Formula 1, it was quiet for a good twelve months at H onda . But now the calm before the storm is over: With a black GT monster named HSV-010 GT, a true typhoon is to sweep the Japanese racetracks in 2010. If the performance of the racing driver can even come close to keeping up with the look, then the traditional brand should soon win back some lost fans.

Honda HSV-010 is not based on a production model

The brutal appearance is no coincidence: In contrast to the strict European GT homologation regulations, the engineers in the highest Japanese sports car league can let off steam as they please. The HSV-010 is not based on a serial athlete, but is a thoroughbred prototype.

Honda does not want to give any precise information about the performance of the 3.4 liter V8: '500 hp or more' It simply says in the data sheet. In addition, the water-cooled suction cup develops almost 400 Newton meters of torque.

Honda does not mention the exact dimensions of the HSV-010

So simple the name, so brutal is the appearance of the black GT flounder. The HSV-010 crouches low over the asphalt. There is virtually no ground clearance. The highest point is the rear wing mounted on two mighty struts. The manufacturer prefers not to reveal the exact vehicle height. Only information on length (4.675 meters) and width (2.0 meters) is listed.

Between the diffuser and the rear spoiler there is a central exhaust pipe in raw dimensions. Huge slits ensure the necessary ventilation through the rear end. The tire dimensions are adapted to the overall appearance: The golden six-spoke rims are covered in 18-inch format with rubber in size 330/40 at the front. The wheel arches of the drive axle house 17-inch models with 330/45 rollers.

New GT formula for the DTM?

The sports car may come even to Europe at some point. The DTM is currently desperately looking for a new GT formula that can be used to lure new manufacturers into series production. Allegedly, those responsible also looked at the Japanese Super GT regulations.


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