Gaussin H2: Dakar racing truck with fuel cell

With the H2 Racing Truck, Gaussin presents what is probably the most powerful hydrogen and electric racing truck ever built. It should compete in long-distance rallies and go into series production in 2022.

The French manufacturer Gaussin is actually known for its electric transport platforms for the logistics industry. In the future, the French also want to play in the electric truck segment. To demonstrate the capabilities of their electric platform, an electrically powered Gaussin truck is to take part in the Rally Raid World Championship, which also includes the Dakar in Saudi Arabia.,

The data collected with the race truck christened H2 Racing and Experiences are to be incorporated into the series production planned for 2022. Like the upcoming production models, the H2 Racing is also based on a lightweight skateboard that, in addition to the electric drive, carries the fuel cell and the hydrogen supply. Alternatively, a version with exchangeable batteries is available for the later series models, which should enable a range of 400 kilometers. The battery change should be done in three minutes.,

With 600 kW and 140 km/h through the desert

In the H2 Racing, two electric motors, each with 300 kW of power, ensure all-wheel drive and thus progress in all situations as well as a top speed of 140km/h. Energy is supplied by a 380 kW fuel cell, and a battery pack with a full 82 kWh capacity buffers the electrical energy. A special high-performance cooling system keeps the drive at a comfortable temperature. To fire the fuel cell, the H2 Racing carries 80 kilograms of hydrogen in its tanks. In a racing truck, this is sufficient for a range of around 250 kilometers. For comparison: The Toyota Mirai takes a maximum of 5.6 kilograms of gas and can thus travel up to 550 kilometers. In the later series models of the truck, the filling of the hydrogen tanks should enable a range of 800 kilometers. Gaussin calculates 20 minutes for the refueling.

So that the H2 Racing and the later series models can also impress formally, the French have brought Pininfarina on board as a designer. The Gaussin H2 Racing makes its debut at the Dakar 2022, which starts at the turn of the year. The series trucks should then follow in the course of 2022.,


Gaussin wants to prove the performance of his fuel cell platform by using a racing truck in the Rally Raid World Championship. In 2022, this technology will then be used in various series trucks. The consumption is about 10 times as high as a Toyota Mirai, which requires a huge hydrogen tank. The buffer battery has more capacity than the battery of a Tesla Model 3.


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