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Formula E plans & # 34; Roborace & # 34; from 2016/2017

Formula E
Formula E plans 'Roborace'
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D he inventors of Formula E around Alejandro Agag , the Bernie Ecclestone of the electric racing series, want to create a new championship. In the future, they will be working with Kinetik, an investment company that wants to invest its money in innovative companies.

The new series should take place on the same courses as Formula E. One-hour runs are planned before the main race itself. With ten teams, each sending two electrically powered cars to battle for victory.

Roborace with self-driving cars

The highlight: There is no driver, the cockpits remain empty. The cars steer themselves around the track. The thought: Because the automotive industry is busy tinkering with self-driving vehicles, Formula E wants to create a platform for such solutions.

The racing series should go by the name of 'Roborace', meaning robot races self-driving cars that will compete against each other sounds logical. The starting point is the 2016-2017 season. Only standard cars are used. Programmed with individual real-time computer algorithms and the team's own artificial intelligence technologies.

' We firmly believe that in the future all cars in the world will be powered by artificial intelligence and electrically, 'says Denis Sverdlov, founder of Kinetik.' Roborace will be a global platform that shows that robotic technology and artificial intelligence go together with us can exist in real life. '

Alejandro Agag says:' It will definitely be one of the most innovative sports events in history. Roborace is an open competition for all scientific and technological companies in the world. '


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