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Formula E calendar 2016: Second season with 11 races

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Formula E calendar 2016
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E Formula 1 actually wanted the number in its second year increase the races a bit. But according to the calendar now published by the FIA, there will be 11 races in 2016. Like 12 months before, the season will start in Beijing. There is a double strike in London for the final.

Paris instead of Monaco in the 2016 Formula E calendar

The only newcomer to the calendar is Paris. The race in the Seine metropolis will replace the Monaco ePrix. The race in Miami also seems to have been a flash in the pan. At the expected place between Buenos Aires and Long Beach there is an appointment with a question mark. Apparently the organizers are still looking for a suitable location.

The German Formula E fans will get their money's worth again in 2016. On May 21, the silent electric racers will roll again at the former airport in Berlin Tempelhof. The fans can expect much faster racing cars. In 2016, in-house development on the racing car is allowed for the first time.

You can find all dates in the table.


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