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Formula E calendar 2014: electric racers start ten times

Formula E calendar 2014
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D he season of the electrically powered formula racing cars starts on 13. September 2014 in Beijing. On October 18, the race car will move to Putrajaya in Malaysia. With Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the South American tour of Formula E will start on November 15, which will continue via Uruguay and Argentina to Los Angeles and Miami on the North American continent.

On May 9, 2015, the European tour of electric racers will begin in Monaco with another stop in Berlin and the grand finale on June 27, 2015 in London.

Ten of them should start at the start Teams with two drivers are standing. The single racer SRT_01E, which was presented at the IAA, is used. the chassis comes from Dallara, McLaren supplies the electric motor, the gearbox and the electronics. Williams supplies the batteries and the energy management. The drive has a total of 200 kW - which is equivalent to around 270 PS. The development program of the Formula E racing car is supervised by Renault Sport. The tires also come from France. Michelin supplies extra-long-lasting 18-inch rollers that are designed to work in both rain and dry tracks.


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