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N ot only the protagonists in Formula E had to compete in the First season to get used to the new racing without a combustion engine. The almost silent cars dueling on the narrow street circuits also met with skepticism from the fans at first. But this subsided quickly. After just a few races it was clear that formula racers could offer entertaining racing even without exhaust fumes and at a slightly lower speed.

Fanboost- Feature becomes even more important

Of course, it was not entirely without criticism. In particular, the tedious car change during the race and the fan boost feature, which many viewers felt was unfair, gave conservative racing fans a bad feeling. Unfortunately, these points were not abolished for season number 2 either. On the contrary: The fan boost voting is now open even up to 6 minutes after the start. In this way, viewers can award the energy bonus depending on the course of the first rounds.

More important than these artificial gimmicks is the technical revolution that was introduced for the second year. The racing teams are now allowed to individually develop the engine, gearbox, inverter and cooling system. The Spark-Renault SRT_01E standard chassis remains unchanged in order not to drive up costs through aerodynamic developments. Only the rear suspension may be changed, as the pivot points are on the gearbox.

The Formula E racer's drive is developed individually

We will see many different solutions when it comes to the engine and gearbox. Some teams like Renault or DS Virgin drive with 2 engines, the majority rely on one engine. Torque vectoring, i.e. the individual adjustment of the power to the left or right rear wheel, is prohibited. The power must be directed to the shaft through a gear. The number of gears also varies from one to five steps.

The fans will not see any of this. More important is the increased power. The motors can now deliver 170 kilowatts of power in racing trim. Last year it was 150 kilowatts. However, the total amount of energy remains the same. If the cars are to become faster, they must also be more efficient at the same time. On the other hand, the fact that the race length has been increased a bit.

Villeneuve takes place from Heidfeld

Also in terms of things There are driversNews. Nick Heidfeld switched from Venturi to Mahindra during the break. Ex-Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve is taking over his old place. Master Nelson Piquet continues to work for the Nextev team. With Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt, the Abt Audi team is also relying on proven strengths.

There is an innovation in the calendar. Paris now has its own race. But Miami and Monaco fall out. The second season starts on October 24, 2015 in Beijing. In our gallery we show you the new paintwork of the cars as well as impressions from the last test drives in Donington.


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