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Ford Ranger Rally Raid: Rally monster with 3.5-liter V6 biturbo

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Ford Ranger Rally Raid
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N och never has the Ford Ranger been more attractive for performance-oriented than today. For the Australian market, a Raptor variant with a 460 hp V8 will even come from the Ford Mustang. The Ranger Rally Raid from South Africa has had that for a long time when it rolls out of the halls of Neil Woolridge Motorsports.

V8 out, V6 in

However, the South Africans have converted for the new motorsport season. Now the Ranger is being equipped with a 3.5 liter V6 biturbo engine, the basic features of which are also installed in the Ford F-150 and even in the Ford GT super sports car. NWM has not yet given any performance data. However, the six-cylinder should be above the approximately 350 hp and 570 Nm that the eight-cylinder deliver.

Like the V8 engines, the V6 is not under the front hood, but behind the pilot. Quasi where the double cab otherwise has its back seat. For reasons of optimal weight distribution, the V6 even moves a bit further towards the rear than the V8.

More space for driver and technology

But the NWM-Ranger is not just getting a new one The engine and the peripherals were also significantly adapted for 2020. In order to have more space for the crew and maintenance work, the chassis and body made of carbon fiber laminate were widened. The independent suspension on the rear axle is also new. The spring travel has been increased to seven inches (almost 18 centimeters). Two struts work on each wheel. The new gearbox and the new differentials also save weight. The petrol tank now holds 480 liters. The six-piston brake systems on both axles are better cooled - with air at the front, with water at the rear.

The new Ford Ranger Rally Raid will be in the FIA ​​class for V6 models in various rally raid Start events. The V8 models will continue to run until the start of the V6. Private teams should also continue to be supported by NWM.


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