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Essen Motor Show 2013: Racing trucks and power boats

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Motorsport at the Essen Motor Show 2013
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A at the Essen Motor Show, yes actually all cars play racing cars. Plain compact cars are equipped with huge spoilers. Notchback cars get a cage welded into the interior. And diffusers are attached to the rear of luxury limousines. In most cases they don't produce any downforce, but at least they look like it.

Racing at the Essen Motorshow

Among all the 'show and shine vehicles' it's not like that easy to find the models that are really suitable for use on the racetracks. Where spoilers still serve aerodynamic purposes and don't just look good. But if you look very closely, you can find them everywhere, the thoroughbred racing cars.

The majority of the racing faction are GT sports cars such as a Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 or an Audi R8 LMS. The rally fans also get their money's worth. And even a Formula 1 car was hiding - but only as a show model. We show you in our picture gallery what else was transported from the racetrack to the exhibition hall.


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