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Engine damage at Audi: engine punishment hits bystanders

Engine damage at Audi
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W Each DTM manufacturer has a contingent of only If nine engines are available for each of its eight cars, any further repair or change of an engine will be punished according to the regulations.

In other words: For the second engine replaced at Hockenheim, i.e. the tenth in total, Audi had to pay: Relocation to the last starting place at the following event. So far, so good.

Teams can choose drivers for motor punishment

Not even insiders in the paddock understand that the manufacturer concerned can choose which driver should pay the penalty . Audi Sport Communications Head Jürgen Pippig made it clear: 'We are not allowed to choose who receives the penalty. We can only roll the engines.'

Nobody understands that either! The fact is, and the mouse doesn't bite off a thread, that not Jamie Green or Mattias Ekström, whose RS5 were diagnosed with damage after the start in Hockenheim, had to start the race from last place on the grid at the first race in Lausitz, but theirs Brand colleague Adrien Tambay. And there was no technical problem with the Audi RS5 at Hockenheim.

So what caused Audi Sport to pay the Frenchman for something that had nothing to do with his car? 'Adrien was one of three drivers who had zero points on their account after Hockenheim. And it is clear that we will not give the replacement engine to the championship leader', Audi's DTM director Dieter Gass tried to explain the controversial decision.

Tambay again without points after punishment

Gass admitted, however, that Tambay's enthusiasm 'was limited' . It could also have been an educational measure on the part of Audi Sport, because Tambay had a clash with Abt team-mate Mattias Ekström in the first Hockenheim race. The result: a tire damage on the RS5 of the Swede, which therefore had no chance of a place in the points. Pippig said: 'This is speculation.'

There were no championship counters for Tambay in Lausitz either. The Abt driver started last but was able to fight his way up eight places to 16th place. This also underlined the superiority of the Audi RS5.


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