DTM vs. Super GT: The Japan bombers are coming

DTM vs. Super GT
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D he DTM was a pretty monotonous affair for years - at least when it came to the diversity of the participants. As of this season, BMW has been a third manufacturer at the start. But many fans are still mourning the good old days in the 80s and 90s, when up to five different brands were sometimes represented by the factory.

Honda, Nissan & Toyota in the DTM?

What sounds good in theory could turn out to be an impossible task . With the start of the cooperation in 2014, the organizers put themselves under pressure. However, it has already been announced for the first year that the cars will be artificially adjusted using a balance of performance system. It is doubtful whether it will be possible to develop rules at some point later under which cars can start alternately in both racing series without major modifications.

Big differences between DTM and SuperGT

The biggest construction site is probably the motor. The DTM relies on 4.0 liter V8 standard units. In Japan, the large GT500 class is currently on the road with 3.4 liter V8 engines. However, those responsible for the Super GT are planning to downsize to two-liter turbos from the 2014 season. It is unlikely that the DTM will be able to keep up that quickly. The use of hybrid systems is also being discussed in both Japan and Germany.

In the DTM, cars are generally equipped with many standard parts - both mechanically and aerodynamically - right up to monocoque. This saves the three manufacturers money in areas that the fan does not see anyway. This also ensures equal opportunities. Another construction site is the different tire dimensions. In Japan different manufacturers supply the rubbers, in Germany Hankook has the sole supply right.

When trying to come to a common denominator, the negotiating partners must also keep the interests of the US Grand-Am series in mind. Besides Japan and Germanythe future DTM generation should also start in America at some point.

In our photo gallery we present the cars of the Japanese Super GT series in more detail.


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